It appears that the ongoing issues with organising fan displays at Pittodrie has raised its’ ugly head again, ahead of two important matches for Aberdeen against Hibs and The Rangers at Pittodrie.

Red Army Displays who have organised previously displays at Pittodrie and Hampden released the following statement today on Facebook:

“It is with a heavy heart and huge regret we let you all know that we have been forced to cancel our upcoming display against Hibernian, and a further planned display for the match against “Rangers” on Tuesday.

Both these matches are massively important to Aberdeen FC and the fans. It was our intention to do a display at each match, in the hope that adding a bit of colour etc would unify the support & players and help AFC secure 2nd place in the league again.

However, it would appear that, despite complying with all the club’s requests, Red Army Displays are not wanted by some people inside Pittodrie. Once again, we face the same negative responses to our plans and ridiculous obstacles put in our way regarding set up etc.

To name a few:

Card display in lower RDL – disabled fans could be hit with rolled up card.

Vertical poly strips (proposed display for Tuesday) RDL or South Stand – 2m wide, similar to picture in comments….classed as a ‘surfer’ flag and is unsafe.

Asking us to sign terms & conditions which, amongst other things, stated we had to clean all display material after a display & dispose of it ourselves. This was actually handed to us during the Aurora launch at Pittodrie.

Red Army Displays is a fan run organisation, and as such, it’s volunteer fans that make this happen in their own time. As this is the case we cannot continue to provide these displays without club cooperation. In the past, we have provided all details (name, address, client ref no, etc) of every volunteer attending set ups, obeyed rules, submitted sample materials for approval, adjusted entry times to suit the club, and consistently managed to do successful displays with different materials.

We do what they ask of us and more every single time – and not once have they agreed to our first proposal.

We are now taking a stand in the hope that the club recognise that the money raised by fans for these displays should be used in a way the fans want and not dictated by one or two individuals at the club. We are not an ultras group, we are not troublemakers. There is a desire to improve the overall atmosphere amongst the fans, it’s about time the same message came from within OUR club.”

Surely it is possible for both parties to come to a working agreement?