It’s not often that we look for your support, but the club you follow really need your help over the next week.

The consultation period for the new stadium is due to come to a close on Monday 27th February 2017.

Over the past month over 5,400 responses have been received, but a lot of these have been in objection to the new stadium at Kingsford.

The club need you to send in your support for the new stadium proposals as part of this consultation and would welcome that you submit your support by doing the following:


You can submit your support online by clicking here.  If the site doesn’t load, please try again later, it may be busier than usual.


Send an email to  Please quote application number 170021/DPP in all correspondence and provide your full name, postal address for the email to be counted.

By Letter

Send a letter of your support to:

Development Management, Planning and Sustainable Development

Aberdeen City Council, Business Hub 4

Marischal College

Broad Street


AB10 1AB

Please quote application number 170021/DPP in all correspondence and provide your full name, postal address for your letter to be counted.

For your support to be counted…

…your correspondence must contain valid points, as many of the letters being currently submitted – and reported in the press – will not be counted as they do not contain material points relevant to the planning process.

For your guidance, we have listed below some valid economic and other reasons for support which you may wish to use:

  • The proposed training, community and stadium facilities at Kingsford, represent a c. £50m private sector investment in the region at a time when our economy is struggling. It will bring confidence and economic benefit to the region including the creation of new jobs. Combined with the existing indoor sports and aquatics facilities e.g. at Aberdeen Sports Village, this development will greatly enhance the North-east’s position as a Scottish sporting powerhouse.
  • The creation of suitable AFC Community Trust facilities is vital to extend the reach of the charity which provides much-needed support to a wide range of communities and people across the region and is improving overall health, well-being, social inclusion and participation for many who would otherwise be excluded due to lack of facilities and programme delivery.
  • The Kingsford site is ideally situated for a development of this type as the new AWPR will provide excellent accessibility for both home and away fans coming from areas to the North, South and West. It will also link the site up with a number of park and ride facilities across the city ensuring ease of access to the stadium and community facilities for most of our user groups. Recent research of football fans transportation methods carried out independently by AFC Supporters Group revealed that the majority come from the North and West of the region.
  • The community facilities, including 3G pitches and multi-purpose areas, will provide excellent and much-needed facilities for a number of community groups, both locally and across the region.
  • The proposal is an individual development that will integrate into the wide open landscape of the area without the loss of a great amount of ‘green belt’.
  • Aberdeen only needs one stadium and training facilities, so the proposal is not going to set a precedent for further similar development in the area.