Gavin Beith

Gavin Beith Joins Aberdeen Women as Co-Manager

Gavin Beith will join Aberdeen Women manager, Emma Hunter as co-Manager as we look ahead to the start of our campaign in SWPL 1 on Sunday 5 September 2021.

Gavin was previously head-coach at Dundee Utd, having spent six years Utd during which he led the club into SWPL2.

Gavin told the club website: ““It’s been a month or so now that I’ve been out of the game and it’s great to get going again. It’s good to meet all the girls and get a training session in ahead of a big game at the weekend. Celtic first up a massive challenge for everyone but the girls deserve it because they did so well last year to get here. It’s one that the players will relish but I think every game will be like that this season with some of the sides we’ll come up against.

“I’ve been employed by the SFA for past nine years or so, my main role is looking after coach education and I’ve also worked in school’s programs. I’ve also spent six years at Dundee United and I’ve more recently been involved with the Scotland under-17 national team with Pauline MacDonald. I’ve gathered up a fair bit of experience of the women’s game over that time but this is my first involvement in SWPL1 so it is as exciting for me as it will be for the players.

“I know the vast majority of the players, especially some of the younger ones form the national team. I know about the rest of them as well because they beat us at United twice last year so I’m well aware of the whole squad and how good they are.

“I’ve known Emma for a number of years and she has done a fantastic job here already. I think we’ll complement each other really well and can have really good working relationship. I’m really looking forward to working with her and the job she has done here has been absolutely incredible. We’ve got a great bunch of players here and we’ll be looking to progress and compete really well in SWPL1.

“When you’re stepping up you don’t know the league and your opponents but at the same time you can’t underestimate yourself. The girls will know their roles and if they go and perform consistently then they can do well. The girls have got used to winning for the last two years and they’ve done it really so well so we want to keep doing that but they’ll be coming up against much tougher opposition so it will be a real challenge to keep doing that”.


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