FIFA World Cup Play-off on Free To Air TV

Should Scotland win their World Cup Qualifier against Ukraine tomorrow night (Wednesday 1 June 2022), the play-off match against Wales on 5 June 2022 will be shown on free-to-air TV.

Sky Sports have agreed a deal which will allow STV, S4C and ITV to screen the match between Wales and Scotland or Ukraine live.

Coverage of the match will start at 5pm on Sunday 5 June 2022 across Sky Sports, STV, S4C and ITV.

Bobby Hain, Managing Director of Broadcast at STV said: “After initiating discussions with Sky Sports and working closely with them to secure and agreement, we’re delighted that this potentially historic moment in Scottish international football will be available for everyone to watch for free on STV.

“There is of course a decisive fixture to come before then, but regardless of the result, it’s hugely exciting to have international football returning to STV on Sunday.”

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