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COVID-19 Pandemic Hit on Aberdeen FC Finances

The impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on Aberdeen Football Club has been laid bare by Commercial Director, Rob Wicks.

The club are projecting a loss of £5m on matchday income over the rest of the season with matchday income down 82%.

Rob Wicks, explained, “We’ve been asked about how sales of PPV have been going and it’s important to look at this in the context of our wider matchday income. It’s sobering to see our overall matchday revenue is down by 82% and we are projecting a loss of £5million on matchday income over the rest of the season which simply isn’t unsustainable.

“The graphic below provides a breakdown on what we have been able to bring in for each home match so far vs what we would project under normal circumstances with walk-ups, hospitality and match sponsorship. It is vital that fans are allowed back in sooner rather than later as clubs up and down the country will be in exactly the same position.

“Our 2019/20 accounts will be released at the back end of next week and will shed more light on the wider financial impact of COVID-19. We will be taking the opportunity to look back, but importantly to also look ahead at the remainder of the current season and beyond to share our views on what we can do together to address these challenges in a positive way.”

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