We’ve been listening to you, and the Inverness Reds have been busy working behind the scenes, and ready to make some exciting changes to the website (yet again!) in 2018.

When we changed the website at the start of this season, we were hoping our new scoring system and design would help us develop the site further…. and to be honest, it hasn’t.

We’ve had a number of technical challenges, and as such we’ve decided to wipe the slate clean and launch a new refreshed site later in 2018. 🙂

In this update we’ll be bringing on board the following new features:

  • A completely brand new professional modern design;
  • Game stats and match timelines;
  • Team roster blocks – new stats info about each of our players;
  • Player cards – like old sports trading cards, an exciting new design to show off our players;
  • More in-depth player details;
  • Player newslog, covering injuries, suspensions etc;
  • Extensive info for all Scottish Premiership clubs;
  • A new scoring system – (that works!);
  • Super-fast mobile and desktop design;

We’re going to take our time with this change, so expect to see the new site at the league split or once the 2017/18 season is over.

Meantime, bear with us, we want to get this change right, the current site will continue to be here, and of course we have our news updates on Facebook and Twitter.