Fans in Pittodrie

Aberdeen FC Apply For 8,200 Supporters To Attend Matches

Aberdeen have confirmed that they have applied to Aberdeen City Council to have 8,200 supporters attend games leading up to and including the first league match of the season against Dundee Utd on Sunday 1 August 2021.

In a statement on their website, the club said: “The Club has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare this application so we are ready to safely and efficiently welcome as many supporters back to Pittodrie as soon as we get confirmation from the Scottish Government on 13th July.

The ongoing uncertainty isn’t helpful with the start of the season just two weeks away but we’re prepared for all eventualities, and remain encouraged, not only by statements being made, but also the sizes of crowds at other sporting events, that we will have larger crowds at Pittodrie Stadium after 9th August. As ever, we will keep supporters notified when we know more.”

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